Casuals and Corporates?

Over the years, it has been a major problem to set a clear-cut demarcation/ distinction between which clothes are casual and which are corporates.

In simple terms, casuals are those wears we put on on a “no occasion” day.

On the other hand, the corporates are wears of occasions. This would mean that the corporate wears are only put on formal days.

However, it is worthy of note that the word “occasion” as used above does not mean a celebration of life, or of death or wedding ceremony. It is simply a “reason” to look “official”. So, well put; we say corporate wears are those clothing materials we put on on an official day while the casual wears are those worn on an unofficial day.

To fully comprehend what the distinction is between casuals and corporate wears, we need to explicate what “official days” mean. Official days as coined out by fashionistas are days we need to appear formal as much as possible. These occasions include working days i.e. works at banks, works at companies, works at the schools etc.

Let’s quickly consider what makes a dress casual or corporate.

    1. Before you say an attire is corporate, you need to ask, is the top tucked in? Very many times, any cloth can be a corporate wear when nicely tucked in. Name it; shirts, round neck, Polo etc. The rule is “tuck in to be corporate.” Consider this wear below;
    1. Makeover such as jewelries, chains, anklets, bangles are not also used with corporate dresses. The major reason for this is because when these things are worn, one who is supposed to be moderate as much as possible does not look moderate anymore. Considering the fact that many people with different background comes into a working place daily, one needs to appeal to the perception of these ramifying set of people.

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