Taking Things Out of the Bathroom

So you’re remodelling the bathroom and are thinking about making some changes. You’ve decided that less is more, so you’re going to take some stuff out. Things you don’t need or deem necessary can be removed during the remodel, providing more space or opportunities.


However, before you go into the process of bathroom repairs Perth, pause to consider. Just what is it that you think should be taken out or fixed?


Take, for instance, the bathtub.


Some folks decide that the tub is something that you can get rid of during a repair or remodel. Nicked tubs or ones that have been discoloured by abrasive cleaners are probably going to stay. If you need to have one, getting a new one with better features is a good move.


However, if you rarely use it and prefer to shower, it might be a good idea to take it out. You’ll free up some space that could be used for other purposes.


Here’s another thing to consider removing, especially for tighter bathrooms: excess storage space.


Cabinets and such are standard for bathrooms. They’re the default storage option, but they can eat up a lot of room. In a smaller bathroom, it might be a better choice to scrap them and go for other means of storage. Alcoves in the shower enclosure or overhead storage might be better than a full cabinet.


Tiling and caulking might need to go, in favour of newer replacements.


Sometimes, you can get away with refinishing tiles and the like. It could just be a stain that needs to be cleaned off, after all. Discolouration can sometimes be solved by sanding down the problem layer in favour of what’s underneath.


However, there are times when tiles and caulking just need to go. They might be beyond repair or too old, or perhaps even a health hazard. When these things need to be taken out, you need to do that on your renovation.


Old mirrors should be removed, too.


If you can find the room, a full-body mirror is an excellent choice for a bathroom. Just make sure it’s not going to get misted over because of the shower. Mirrors by and large rarely need replacing unless they’re damaged, though the frames are a different matter.


Finally, don’t be afraid to scrap an old or inefficient toilet.


If you’re stuck with a lousy toilet, get rid of it. You don’t want it being a drain, not when you can invest in a better one.

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